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Ban Me Thuot East Field

There were two airfields at Ban Me Thuot, the 2,000' dirt runway on the edge of town where Pyramid and the 155th AHC were located, and Ban Me Thuot East Field.  BMTE was about 5 or 6 miles east of town and had a paved runway (I'm guessing 4 to 5 thousand feet long).  It actually had a terminal (seen behind the Army Caribou in the picture below. 


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Caribout at BMT East Field

US Army C7 Caribou at BMT East. circa 1966

Contributed by the webmaster.

Ban Me Thuot East

An aerial shot of the field. Circa 1968

Early SOG

Special Operations Group set up their first operations at Ban Me Thuot East in early 1966. This shot is of a couple of O-1 Bird Dogs.

contribute by the webmaster

BMT East Today

The Ban Me Thuot terminal as of a few years ago.


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