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The personnel of the 5th Tactical Control Group, based at Clark AB, Philippines, were instrumental in the formation and success of the 505th Tac Control Group.  In addition to setting up many of the sites in SEA, many of the officers and airmen serving in the 505th TCG were either originally assigned to the 5th TAC and subsequently transferred to 505th units or were on frequent and lengthy TDY's to various 505th units.  

On a personal note, when I arrived at the 5th TAC in the summer of 1965 there were approximately 1,500 radar operators assigned to the 5th TAC (and effectively no operational radar).  I spent only 2 months with the unit and received a PCS (permanent change of station) to Pyramid Control.  Many of my fellow airmen at Clark followed a very similar path.  

A Yahoo Group is in operation for former members of the 5th TAC.  If you're interested in hooking up with 5th TAC veterans go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the5thtacgroup/.

5th TAC Lineage

To view and excerpt from the official history of the 5th TAC click here.

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